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EchelonCommunicate Message HackathonTM

May 9 @ 11:30 am - 1:30 pm

Messaging. It sells products, connects employees with business goals, and makes you stand outor not. What makes a message memorable and functional? It’s a right brain/left brain challenge that blends strategy and creativity. It can seem like word play but anyone who leads people or has built a media following knows that messaging is a powerful success driver that crosses industries and functions.

“Just do it.” “It’s the real thing.” “We bring good things to life.” These slogans have built brand equity. (Nike, Coke, GE).

But great messaging isn’t just for advertising. Everyone wants to communicate in a way that grabs attention and sets focus. Corporate executives leading new initiatives, entrepreneurs introducing products to key stakeholders, managers who want to influence behavior in their teams, and everyone at a networking event – We all need to be messaging masters to rise above information overload.

In this accelerated Lab, you’ll go ‘under the hood’ to understand why certain messaging works. You’ll learn fast, fun techniques for generating messages you can use. And, you’ll take away tools to continue honing your work when you leave. Participants are encouraged to share what they come up with in session to get real-time feedback, kind of like a poetry slam. This program is for you if you want to be more effective at engaging others, enhance your stickiness, and/or boost your worthiness to be liked, followed and re-tweeted. Feel free to bring along material you’re currently working on, such as the outline of an upcoming talk or your current sales presentation.

This session is produced by EchelonCommunicate and will be led by Melissa Gordon, communication consultant and founder of EchelonCommunicate, and Fred Spring, inbound marketing expert and courageous founder of 98toGo. For more information, contact EchelonCommunicate, Barbara Deskey, at barbara@echeloncommunicate.com.

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